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Attachment Theory and Leadership

Attachment Theory & Relation-Based Leadership

Jonathan Silk March 24, 2019

Jonathan Silk and Evelyn Booth highlight the importance of attachment theory in understanding how humans with emotions are our greatest organization asset. Relation-Based Leadership…

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Approaching leadership like a transaction

Bad habits many business leaders don’t realize they have

Jonathan Silk February 25, 2019

Leading by example is a worthy goal that every business leader should have. Individuals and teams look up to and take their cues from…

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Establishing emotional connection is key.

Establishing An Emotional Connection Is Key

Jonathan Silk February 1, 2019

Jonathan Silk, is among the 15 Forbes Coaching Experts who weighed in on the question: Are Incentives A Good Employee Motivator? Published by members…

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Expand your social media network.

Sharpen your skills outside of work

Jonathan Silk January 11, 2019

The business world waits for no one, especially in an age of rapid technological changes and advancements. No matter where you work or what…

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Promote from Within

Promote from within if possible.

Jonathan Silk January 4, 2019

To successfully navigate changes in the executive rungs of a company, it’s imperative for the remaining and new leaders to find ways to maintain,…

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21 Century Leadership

What’s different about leadership in the 21st century?

Jonathan Silk December 15, 2018

Leadership in the 21st century is a hot topic among organizations wanting to stand above the competition. But what will make the difference? More…

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R2 Thinking Style

R2 Thinking Style: I feel for you.

Jonathan Silk November 26, 2018

This is the final post in our series on whole-brain thinking with a focus on the R2 thinking style. As mentioned in the three…

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L2 Thinking Style

The L2 thinking style and why it’s important for any team.

Jonathan Silk November 16, 2018

  This is the third post in our 4-part series about whole-brain thinking with a focus on the L2 thinking style. As mentioned in…

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R1 Thinking Style

R1 Thinking Style: I see the big picture

Jonathan Silk November 12, 2018

We continue our series on whole brain thinking with a focus on the R1 thinking style. As mentioned in the previous post on L1…

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Data driven, analytical thinker

The L1 Thinking Style: Accurate, Analytical and Driven

Jonathan Silk November 1, 2018
The L1 section of the NBI assessment - highlighted here to show its prominence in this individual's results. This is…

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Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Finding Your Way Forward: Six Ways To Define, Then Reach, Your Goals

Jonathan Silk October 23, 2018

Published by New entrepreneurs may have a hard time defining the goals they want to achieve, which can lead to people setting out…

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Jonathan Silk and Christi Doporto HRSWC

HR Southwest a success!

Jonathan Silk October 16, 2018

Bridge 3 had a great experience at the HR Southwest Conference in Fort Worth, Texas this year. We got to know different companies looking…

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