L1 Thinking Style

The L1 section of the NBI assessment – highlighted here to show its prominence in this individual’s results.

This is the first of a four part series on whole brain thinking intended to support the idea that recognizing, understanding and leveraging  unique thinking styles, often results in a group of people, a team that thrives as a whole.

Awareness of the differences in perspective based on cognitive preferences is a powerful tool that can lead to new ideas and breakthrough solutions. 

Every healthy human being uses all quadrants of their brain.

In this post, we’ll look at the characteristics of the L1 Thinking Style as identified by the NBI Assessment.

The L1 Thinking Style: Accurate, Analytical and Driven

Can you identify with any of these thinking styles? Or perhaps you know someone who this describes?

1. I am known for my accuracy and I love of digger deeper into a problem.

I’m on a quest for details. This can come across sometimes as confrontational. It isn’t. I just need more information.

2. I am an analytical powerhouse.

I am very focused and have a no-nonsense approach to my work. I tend to be very objective and am incredibly comfortable with factual reasoning. So facts and rational information are of the utmost priority to me. Be prepared!

3. Oooh, gimme guidelines and data. Yes. Nom nom nom.

I work well and thrive when I am given clear guidelines and expectations working with factual or technical data. I am very likely to be precise and accurate in my method, strongly focusing on the task at hand. I am an analytical powerhouse and can get frustrated when I do not have all the factual data.

4. Driven, yes. Bossy, not really.

I am performance-driven which is a strength and can come across as authoritarian sometimes. When I get over-competitive, I can get derailed and this will have a negative impact the dynamic of the team. I allow little room for feelings or emotions to influence my work.

5. Brainpower. Yeah baby.

With my strong analytical capability, I bring a lot of cognitive horsepower to the team. The differences of perspective I can provide is powerful when there is awareness of the differences on the entire team, and can lead to new ideas and breakthrough solutions when leaders understand how to harness the thinking styles on their teams.


Curious about your own thinking style? Or wondering how a knowledge of your team’s differences might work to your advantage?

Neethling Brain Assessment

Neethling Brain Inventory

Without a doubt, people think and communicate in different ways. At Bridge 3 we view these differences as strengths that, when put to work in the right combination, lead to amazing new ideas and breakthrough solutions for organizations.

The Neethling Brain Inventory assessment is a great measure of thinking preferences and cognitive style. This insightful assessment  offers a deeper knowledge of how individuals lead, communicate, negotiate, innovate, and make decisions.

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