Team & Individual Talent Assessments

Team and individual talent assessments are used to surface the strengths of teams and barriers to higher performance.

We can administer and debrief all assessments for individuals and teams in a virtual environment. Contact us for more information. 

Assessments can give you insight into areas where you need to focus more attention and help you reinforce the skills that you excel at. The results may surprise you and will certainly allow you to be more successful as an executive within your organization. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can only help you become a more effective leader.

Bridge 3 integrates a variety of psychometric assessments in the solutions we design for our clients. These assessment tools that can be utilized for leadership development and executive coaching. All assessment packages include a debrief plus development of an action plan.

We utilize assessments in several different ways with our clients:

  • Individual coaching and leadership development, helping our clients gain awareness of themselves and unlock their leadership potential.
  • Gain awareness of new hires and how they will integrate into the organizational culture and how they will help the organization reach its full potential
  • Understand the economic impact of differences between employees, and departments within the organization that can lead to unhealthy conflict

All assessments include an online Zoom Debrief session to go over the results.

EQ 360®

EQ 360® Reports provide in-depth analyses by having raters provide feedback in addition to the individuals self-assessment. Allowing for unlimited raters (Managers, Peers, Direct Reports, Friends and Family), these observer ratings are compared with the self- assessment in order to provide he individual being rated with a 360-degree view of his or her effectiveness. These reports are designed to provide valuable insight and opportunities for development.

EQ-i 2.0

Emotional Intelligence can be developed and the EQ-I 2.0 provides users with a picture of how they operate emotionally with areas of strengths and areas for growth, learning, and development. Bridge 3 offers many programs to develop your emotional intelligence and increase your effectiveness as an individual contributor or your leadership effectiveness as a supervisor or manager.

Neethling Brain Inventory

The NBI is utilized in our work with individuals and team. The assessment is a measure of an individuals unique thinking preferences or cognitive style. The NBI assessment has a number of implications for how people lead, communicate, negotiate, innovate, make decisions, at individual, as well as team and unit level.

Key Insights: Self-awareness // Creativity // Leadership // Social-Emotional Intelligence // Communication // Team Performance // // Presentations // Conflict Resolution

Total SDI

To develop high-performing individuals and teams that can reach their full potential, organizations need to know what motivates people and how to engage those motives. But where do you even begin figuring out what drives a person? How do you leverage motives to inspire stronger work?

TotalSDI takes the guesswork out. This assessment helps you understand what motivates yourself and others, and how to leverage those motives to increase accountability, collaboration and innovation.


The ESCI is a 360 tool that measures emotional intelligence and raises awareness through powerful feedback. It describes 12 competencies associated with emotional and social intelligence that can be a focus of development during coaching.​

Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessments measure personality in the workplace. The assessments predict potential performance in the workplace based on an individual’s strengths, blind spots, derailers, values, and problem-solving ability. All things to take into consideration when assessing potential of personnel for positions of increased responsibility. 

Myers & Briggs Step II Instrument

The Myers & Briggs Step II Instrument helps you identify your personality type and is useful in a wide range of applications to include leadership development, team building, and improving self-awareness, and awareness of others.​