Team & Organizational Development Consulting

We believe that each organization, team, and team member is unique. Because of this, we believe that improving an organization must include methods that involve people, teams, and departments with the objective of creating a climate where the talents of individuals and the collective talents of teams are utilized effectively. We work with clients to determine the best way to gather insights, increase awareness, and then make the changes needed to perform at your best.

Our consulting services support organizations that:

  • Believe in the development of teams and leaders of teams as a path to organizational success
  • Open to changing the way they approach human capital, especially around how learning and development takes place within the organization
  • Comfortable challenging the status quo and making the tactical and strategic decisions needed for true growth
  • Want a custom-designed experiential learning cycle that approaches your organization’s unique challenges
Columbia University Coaching Certification Program
Bridge 3 is a professional member of the Columbia Coaching Learning Association

Team Leadership Programs

Building team capability and functioning is the only bulletproof strategy for creating sustainable high performing teams that navigate complexity and ambiguity.

Our approach to developing leaders of teams is to design programs for our clients that develop their leaders to know how to leverage their teams to continuously and quickly learn from each other and how to use that knowing to create solutions for any curveball they experience. 

We help leaders of teams and teams "GET L.I.T." so they feel empowered to strive for excellence.

Pushing Past Comfortable


Be a Learning-Focused Leader.

Our approach to leadership starts with gaining a deeper understanding of the individual, as a leader or as part of a team. To do this, we use a variety of assessments to measure strengths and weaknesses of each person. How a person thinks, feels, and acts in times of conflict as well as when everything is going well, are incredibly valuable pieces of information that can directly affect your business, both positively and negatively.

Sense of belonging at work


Create an Inspirational Team Climate

With knowledge of what makes people tick, we then craft a plan to optimize the way individuals throughout the organization work together to achieve company goals as well as being prepared and ready to adapt and respond to changes.

We may identify strengths that aren't being used, or weaknesses that can be improved upon, and inspire new ways of viewing your particular situation.

Attachment Theory and Leadership


Transform Teams to Perform at their Best.

Research shows that positive organizations experience better results, follow better hiring practices, achieve better retention rates, and realize higher engagement.

This transformation is possible, only when organizations continue to invest in people, in the development of talent.

Team Leader Coaching

Our team leader coaching package is for managers and supervisors who want to improve their capacity to lead teams and exercise leadership in order to make a significant contribution to their respective organization’s purpose and mission. Leaders learn and develop through experience, and coaching used in a leader development context can accelerate the process.

Team Coaching

Organizations are an aggregate of teams and workgroups. Our research shows that most issues on teams are caused by unhealthy conflict. Inspiring a team to achieve its full potential requires an understanding of the dynamics at work within the team. Our team coaching process focuses on the connections and relations between team members which are the foundation for cohesion and high performance. We identify the source of friction with a focus on the emotional component of the team process and then focus on accelerating team learning and performance.