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Jonathan Silk and Christi Doporto HRSWC

HR Southwest a success!

Jonathan Silk October 16, 2018

Bridge 3 had a great experience at the HR Southwest Conference in Fort Worth, Texas this year. We got to know different companies looking…

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Millenial Wellness

Millennial Wellness on World Mental Health Day

Emily Mire, PhD October 10, 2018

@WMHDay on Twitter October 10th is recognized as World Mental Health Day from the World Federation for Mental Health. This year,…

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Team Dynamics Workshop

Team Dynamics: 4 ways to connect your team and improve performance

Jonathan Silk October 8, 2018

The importance of team dynamics and why you should connect your team seems pretty obvious, right? The truth is, we all communicate, but we…

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Compassion: Not for the Weak

Jonathan Silk September 19, 2018

I recently worked with a group of managers on how they could be more effective as leaders. During one of our sessions, I mentioned…

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