When teams don’t perform well it is usually because they are not emotionally connected. Teams are one of the most complex and dynamic systems humans have created. Emotion truly drives all behavior in teams and organizations. The research around this is clear – We are Wired for Connection and emotional connections are the glue that hold us together.

In our Team Dynamics Workshop, you’ll learn how to improve the performance of your team. In most cases, people are not aware of how their reactivity can trigger negative emotions in others. The risk of not knowing how we impact each other can result in destructive behavior and often escalates into destructive cycles of interaction. This causes a negative downward spiral in performance.

Learning the process of emotional connection and team bonding rituals helps leaders be more prepared.

In this interactive and engaging session, you will learn:

  • What makes a team
  • Team dynamics in action
  • How emotional intelligence and emotional connection influence team dynamics
  • Exercises to strengthen the bond and improve the dynamics of your team



Interested participants can purchase the Leadership Vitals Assessment Package to obtain a better awareness of themselves and how they impact the dynamics of their teams. 


Leadership Vitals Assessment Package
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