Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Skills for Managers and Supervisors

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Do you want to be a more positive influence and lead a team that works together, supports each other and even exceeds company goals? Then this workshop is for you!

Employee engagement, productivity and turnover are often directly related to company culture and individual work styles. In this workshop we wil get serious and play. We will use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method to introduce ideas and skills to help you build more of an awareness of yourself and your team so that you can inspire those you lead, and be more effective as a manager.

We will cover the following “Leadership Vitals”

Emotional Intelligence

Before leaders can effectively lead others, they must be able to lead themselves. As a leader, every interaction you have with members of your organization can either have a positive or negative impact. The workshop will cover in-depth how to develop self-awareness of your level of emotional intelligence which can increase your ability to be a more positive, effective leader, and achieve optimal results. Emotional intelligence is a predictor of success in life and work.

Conflict Management

To navigate conflict effectively, leaders have to understand the dynamics at play which will allow them to lead with clarity, empathy, and compassion. The workshop will cover techniques that will quickly defuse emotionally charged conflict, identify the issue, and help your team move forward productively.