No matter what your profession or industry, design thinking can be used to unleash creativity, retain innovation and realize the problem-solving potential in your organization.

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“With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  integrated into our design thinking workshops we can help you gain a better understanding of your customers experience. “~ Jonathan Silk

Design Thinking Crash Course


This workshop introduces the Bridge 3 Approach, which will give you and your team the tools needed to begin developing creative confidence – a vital part of innovation, which will keep you ahead of the game.

A design thinking mindset is solution-focused with a bias toward action and learning. It involves creativity, analysis, and purpose. Design thinking develops creative courage and is a way to enable collaborative interdisciplinary thinking and teamwork to solve human-centered problems.

This methodology taps into our creativity, encourages listening to each other, and getting out of our shoes into someone else’s. It ultimately can transform a team to a more cohesive one, through collaborative thinking. Using the continuous process of Design Thinking, leaders can guide an organization to solve problems together.

In our workshop participants will experience a hands-on approach that they can use over and over again to solve any problem they may encounter.

After completion of the workshop, participants can choose opt to engage Bridge 3 for follow-up coaching and assessments to reinforce what was learned and help integrate new skills into your organization’s innovation processes.


Let's get some fire-building going on and translate ideas into momentum!