EQ 360


Like the EQ-i 2.0®, the EQ 360 measures the same fifteen EQcompetencies. It’s a self-report assessment combined with the perceptions of people around you.

For this reason, the EQ 360 is also known as a Multi-Rater Assessment. The Multi-Rater or 360-degree assessment combines your own perceptions of your EQ with the perceptions of others who know you well who are 360 degrees around you.






Similar to the EQ-I 2.0, the EQ-I 360 provides detailed analysis by having raters provide feedback in addition to the individual’s self-assessment. Allowing for unlimited raters (Managers, Peers, Direct Reports, Friends)

These observer ratings are compared with the self- assessment in order to provide the individual being rated with a 360-degree view of his or her effectiveness. These reports are designed to provide valuable insight and opportunities for the participant in developing and reaching their full potential.