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The future of your organization relies on your people. 

Performance Coaching provides an invaluable space for professional development across a broad spectrum of needs. Hiring a coach can help you achieve your goals and become more effective in your daily role. 

Coaching is an active learning process in which the individual being coached masters how to think, reflect, and learn from their professional experiences and applies the insights and lessons to future activities and improving performance.

Forbes Coaches Council
Columbia University Coaching Certification Program
Jonathan Slik
Jonathan Silk is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and completed the Coaching Certification Program from Columbia University.


My professional coaching engagements and personal interactions with Jonathan have uncovered tremendous, actionable insights for my teams, my company, and my career.
Jason M.
Software Licensing / IT Assist Management Expert
Jonathan is a fantastic and very insightful and perceptive coach. His wisdom was invaluable as part of my career planning. He is very committed and cares deeply about his work and helping others to achieve (and set) their goals. Each session with Jonathan gave me food for thought and a real sense of progression. I couldn't thank you enough.
Blandine D.
Head of Legal Project Management
Jonathan has helped me grow exponentially in the corporate sector through mentorship and coaching. He inspired me and gave me the tools I needed to change and get better everyday!
Lindsay H.
Fitness Trainer, Small Business Owner
Jonathan challenged and pushed my limits and made feel uncomfortable and for this I’m extremely grateful. I would highly recommend him as an Executive Leadership coach. Get ready to work and make AWESOMENESS happen!
Jacquelin S.
Executive Director of Marketing


Performance coaching is most effective in 12 sessions over a 6 month period, worked as follows:

This coaching package is designed individually for managers and supervisors who want to improve their capacity to lead and exercise leadership in order to make a significant contribution to their respective organization’s purpose and mission. Leaders learn and develop through experience, and coaching used in a leader development context can accelerate the process. Coaching packages will be personalized depending on each person and their objectives.


Professional transitions can be challenging. Whether moving into a new leadership position or joining a new organization, the first 90 -120 days are critical to your success. A coach can help you gain new perspective and accelerate your learning in the new role.


Organizations are an aggregate of teams and workgroups. Our research shows that most issues on teams are caused by unhealthy conflict. Inspiring a team to achieve it’s full potential requires an understanding of the dynamics at work within the team. Our team coaching process focuses on the connections and relations between team members which are the foundation for cohesion and high performance. We identify the source of friction with a focus on the emotional component of team process and then focus on


Phase 1: Context - What's Up?

We strive to understand your personal story, current situation, get clear on your agenda and objectives, and explore your capacities and competencies.

Phase 2: Content - What Matters?

We encourage you to define a set of choices connected to your desires and goals for our work together. We develop a vision for the future and begin designing a plan of action.

Phase 3: Conduct - What's Next?

We support you as you take action and move toward the envisioned future. Each session in this phase is focused on learning from experience. Through coaching, you will develop the ability to reflect on actions taken and learn from that experience, a necessary skill for an agile and adaptive leader.

*Group and Team Coaching Sessions available by request.
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Coaching sessions are most effective when combined with assessments such as our Leadership Vitals Assessment Package, which consists of the NBI Whole Brain Thinking Style, The EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment, and the Total Strength Deployment Inventory. These assessments have a number of implications for how you lead, communicate, navigate conflict, negotiate, innovate, make decisions, as well as other important areas in your professional life. 

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