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We coach and develop agile and adaptive leaders who think and learn more quickly and effectively in their daily leadership roles. ~ Jonathan Silk

Our Organizational Leadership Coaches are certified through reputable and accredited coaching certification programs. Bridge 3 offers several different coaching packages with the ability to conduct sessions in-person or via video conference. We are focused on YOUR agenda as the client, and partner with you to develop a package to achieve your organizational goals.

Managers and executives accomplish the organization’s mission and purpose through effective leadership. A leaders ability to influence others, or derailing behaviors under stress are examples of what could get in the way of effective leadership. Improving  a leaders performance starts with self-awareness. Bridge 3 partners with organizational leaders to gain that awareness and build from that foundation.


What are your Leadership Vitals? 

Leadership Vitals capture key information about the people side of leader performance.

At Bridge 3 we use the EQ-i 2.0, totalSDI, and NBI to get your leadership vitals to establish a baseline on your emotional intelligence and cognitive preference which have implications for how you lead, communicate, negotiate, innovate, and make decisions.

The information from the assessments provides us insight to your natural behaviors and potential self-sabotage. We then compare that information to the goals you have in mind.


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