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Our Approach

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Our Approach

The core of true leadership is an investment in people. ~ Jonathan Silk


Positive leaders are developed through challenging experiences. We design creative, challenging situations in our programs, where leaders will learn and grow to their potential so that when a real-work challenge arises he/she is ready. Armed with a way to empower action, not simply control it.

At Bridge 3, our approach to leadership starts with gaining a deeper understanding of the individual, as a leader or as part of a team. To do this, we use a variety of assessments to measure strengths and weaknesses of each person. How a person thinks, feels, and acts in times of conflict as well as when everything is going well, are incredibly valuable pieces of information that can directly affect your business, both positively and negatively.


With knowledge of what makes people tick, we then craft a plan to optimize the way individuals throughout the organization work together to achieve company goals as well as being prepared and ready to adapt and respond to changes. We may identify strengths that aren’t being used, or weaknesses that can be improved upon, and inspire new ways of viewing your particular situation.


Research shows that positive organizations experience better results, follow better hiring practices, achieve better retention rates, and realize higher engagement. This transformation is possible, only when organizations continue to invest in people, in the development of talent.

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Bridge 3

Why Bridge 3

I know from experience that with the right leadership and mindset in place, your team, your innovators, your organization has the potential to become a high-performing, creative and innovative powerhouse.

How do I know this? Through my studies and research, yes, but honestly this knowledge came from living through a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous situation in the vicinity of the Tigris River in southeastern Iraq.

That is where strong, decentralized, adaptable leadership rapidly developed a creative and innovative solution that led to the achievement of my unit’s objectives and accomplishment of its mission despite the incredible odds against us.

It was there on “Bridge 3” on April 9, 2004, where I led my U.S. Army Cavalry Scout Platoon through a massive firefight.

This experience, along with other successive similar ones, is in fact the driving force behind Bridge 3 and my newfound mission to develop organizational leaders who EMPOWER ACTION.

We design leader and talent development programs for our clients that develop positive leaders, teams and organizations through our model based on positive organizational scholarship and the five human-centered skills:


Our Management Team

Jonathan Silk, MBA

BRIDGE|3 Founder

Bridge 3 founder Jonathan Silk is an experienced organizational leader and organizational Read More»

Emily Mire, PhD

Chief Wellness Officer

Emily Mire serves as the Chief Wellness Officer for Bridge 3 and brings a proven track record Read More»

Kim Levey, MPA

Chief Learning Officer

In addition to her role at BRIDGE|3, Kim serves as the Executive Director, Educational Read More»

Marni Reecer

Chief Technology Officer

Marni maintains and administers all web properties for BRIDGE|3. She works closely with Read More»

Bridge 3 Management Team

Our Organizational Leadership Coaches are certified through reputable and accredited coaching certification programs. We offer several different coaching packages with the ability to conduct sessions in-person or via video conference.

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We are highly motivated to coach and develop agile and adaptive leaders who think and learn more quickly and effectively in their daily leadership roles.

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