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Bridge 3 Leadership Skills

We create leaders who EMPOWER ACTION, not control it.

How Adaptable is
Your Organization?

At Bridge 3 we help our clients develop their adaptive capacity through an intentional, deliberate focus on people.

New technology and processes are not the only investment needed to succeed. ~ Jonathan Silk, MBA

Investing money and resources towards technology and processes to keep up with the latest trends is important, but not the only ingredient to success and staying ahead of the game.

Being able to adapt and respond effectively requires an investment and attention to the development of people in organizations. This, we believe, is the core of true leadership.

Our Approach

We start with learning what makes people “tick". Each of us has our own thinking style, set of core beliefs, emotions and behaviors that impact how we lead or are led, in good situations or bad.


Bridge 3 Workshops & Continuing Education

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Become a more effective, self and team leader through self-awareness, and a knowledge of psychological safety and emotional connections.

Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

Want a more creative, innovative, resilient and adaptable team? This crash course in design thinking can help you and your team solve big problems.

Leadership Essentials

In this course you will learn how to build and lead collaborative teams that can consistently outperform the competition.


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Meet the BRIDGE|3 team

Dynamic, Inspiring and Experienced.

Jonathan Silk

Jonathan Silk, MBA

BRIDGE|3 Founder

Bridge 3 founder Jonathan Silk is an experienced organizational leader and organizational Read More»

Emily Mire

Emily Mire, PhD

Chief Wellness Officer

Emily Mire serves as the Chief Wellness Officer for Bridge 3 and brings a proven track record Read More»

Kim Levey

Kim Levey, MPA

Chief Learning Officer

In addition to her role at BRIDGE|3, Kim serves as the Executive Director, Educational Read More»

Marni Reecer

Marni Reecer

Chief Technology Officer

Marni maintains and administers all web properties for BRIDGE|3. She works closely with Read More»

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