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Change your company climate, inspire growth and raise your bottom line.

We help organizations build cultures of cohesion and commitment (C3) through a focus on developing individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to become better versions of themselves.

You Matter.

We take a holistic human-centered approach through a focus inward on self and outward on relationships. Let us design a transformational experience that empowers you to bridge from where you are in the present and innovate forward to the best version of you, your team, or organization.

Through a humanistic approach to change, we keep you forward-focused as you journey to your best-loved self, team or organization.


Who We've Worked With

Our Offerings

Training, custom programs and coaching for leaders and teams.

Jonathan Silk Coaching Services

Performance Coaching

We offer several different coaching packages with sessions in-person or via video conference. ICF Certified and an active member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Design Thinking Workshop

Leadership Training

Bridge 3 offers a number of leadership development experiences that range from classroom workshops to outdoor scenarios.


Team Dynamics

A certified facilitator in leading edge applications such as the The EmC process and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, we are able to assess, identify and recommend a custom program for you and your organization.



As we work with leaders, teams, and organizations, to help them become better versions of themselves, we practice “business for good”. For us, this means dedicating a portion of our profits to funding programs run by veterans, who have protected and defended our Freedom, and educators who develop our nation’s next generation of leaders.  Always Ready!

Business For Good

How we Work

Effective and positive leaders are developed through challenging experiences. At Bridge 3 we design creative, challenging situations in our programs, where leaders will learn and grow to their potential so that when a real-work challenge arises he/she is ready — armed with a way to empower action, not simply control it.

Silk Coaching


Our approach to leadership starts with gaining a deeper understanding of the individual, as a leader or as part of a team. To do this, we use a variety of assessments to measure strengths and weaknesses of each person. How a person thinks, feels, and acts in times of conflict as well as when everything is going well, are incredibly valuable pieces of information that can directly affect your business, both positively and negatively.

Hiring the Best


With knowledge of what makes people tick, we then craft a plan to optimize the way individuals throughout the organization work together to achieve company goals as well as being prepared and ready to adapt and respond to changes.

We may identify strengths that aren't being used, or weaknesses that can be improved upon, and inspire new ways of viewing your particular situation.

NBI Whole Brain Thinking Assessment


Research shows that positive organizations experience better results, follow better hiring practices, achieve better retention rates, and realize higher engagement.

This transformation is possible, only when organizations continue to invest in people, in the development of talent.

Client Reviews

There are wonderful people in the world who become great coaches. However, there are few that strive for success and excellence and this is the category in which Jonathan belongs to! I worked with him for over a year, from 2014- 2015. He wasn’t that guy that took great textbook questions and made you ponder! Jonathan’s unique ability to get to the root of the issue and put a practical action plan together is fascinating. He moves quickly without affecting your growth pattern of understanding followed by getting you to work on an action plan. Jonathan is truly a leader in the space, where corporate warriors refocus and refuel their energy.  Jonathan challenged and pushed my limits and made feel uncomfortable and for this I’m extremely grateful. I would highly recommend him as an Executive/Leadership coach. Get ready to work and make AWESOMENESS happen! - Jacquelin S, Executive Director of Marketing
Jacquelin S

Outstanding Design Thinking Session

Jonathan from Bridge 3 led an outstanding Design Thinking session for our group of senior leaders. His engaging style evoked curiosity and excitement about applying this human-centered way of approaching innovation to opportunities in our organization.  
Jessica Johnson

A message that resonates.

Jonathan Silk was our featured speaker at our annual meeting. He lead a team of professionals from across Texas through a workshop on finding your purpose and passion. The attendees immediately connected with Jonathan and his message resonated. He took the time to meet with me prior to the workshop and design a unique experience that was tailored to the audience and to incorporate our larger goals of the meeting. It was an excellent professional development opportunity for those who attended. I would recommend Jonathan and his team to anyone looking for training, design thinking, coaching, or group professional development opportunities. Thank you, Bridge 3!  
Katy Kemp

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