We help organizations sustain high performance by building team capability, functioning, and viability.

Unlock Your Team

Our mission is to help organizations leverage the full potential of individuals and the collective potential of teams and networks to achieve excellence. We do this by supporting team leaders and teams in creating a climate where the collective talent of employees is effectively utilized in both performance-based and learning-based tasks, so that excellence can be achieved.

Team Capability

Team Capability

The power to do something

Team Functioning

Team Functioning

The power to operate effectively together

Team Viability

Team Viability

The power to grow and sustain success.

The Why, What, & How.

Trying to capitalize on the performance potential of teams, more and more organizations rely on a network of teams to accomplish their objectives. As this organizational structure shifts, the human related issues facing companies often reside within the teams (performance, employee engagement, innovation, etc.). How well team members and teams work with other members and teams, along with how knowledge is shared, transferred, and created become critical to achieving organizational excellence.

Our approach to “Be Ready” is developing individuals, teams, and organizations that know how to continuously and quickly learn from each other and how to use that knowing to create solutions for any curveball they experience. We help leaders of teams and teams Get L.I.T. so they feel empowered to strive for excellence.

  • LEARN. Be a Learning-Focused Leader.
    The leaders of teams and team members must be agile, must learn fast, and must be connected across the organization.
  • INSPIRE. Create an Inspirational Team Climate.
    By focusing on inspired practices that bring people together (connection) and help people develop (learning), we can create an organizational and team climate that keeps employees engaged and innovative.
  • TRANSFORM. Transform Teams to Perform at their Best.
    By transforming teams through building capability, functioning, and viability, our approach opens the path to sustaining high performance despite the unexpected challenges work teams face

We believe that each organization, team, and team member is unique. Because of this, we believe that improving an organization must include methods that involve people, teams, and departments with the objective of creating a climate where the talents of individuals and the collective talents of teams are utilized effectively. We work with clients to determine the best way to gather insights, increase awareness, and then make the changes needed to perform at your best.

Our team helps organizations uncover the human aspect of underlying causes (root causes) of performance obstacles and then empower leaders of teams and teams to drive the change needed to achieve excellence. By looking beyond solely product and process-focused solutions, you can develop teams to solve any challenge that is thrown their way. Holistically and simultaneously focusing on performance, human connection, team climate, and team learning allows us to support you in strengthening your leaders, teams, and organizations as they move the dial towards excellence.

No “one size fits all” approach has ever worked where learning and growth is desired, so we do not offer off-the-shelf workshops, but rather learning cycles. We believe that context matters, and your organization and teams have their own contexts that need to be understood first, then the learning is designed, and finally support needs to be provided as your leaders and teams integrate their new learning back into their unique contexts. 

Our consulting process identifies the current and desired state, determines gaps, explores possible causes, and co-create potential solutions. We begin by researching the perceived individual, leader, teams, and organizational narratives that are embodied within the workplace interactions and lived experiences. After gaining the descriptive and narrative data, our team utilizes design-based and narrative-based analysis tools to determine potential gaps between the current and desired states, along with the possible causes for those gaps. From there, our team works with your organizational teams to co-create potential solutions.

User Experience Perspective

From an organizational perspective, understanding the “user” experience is for more than just the customer experience, there are “users” across all levels of your organization and their perceptions on the experience impact the emotions and behaviors that are at play in the day to day interactions within the organizational context. The emotional undercurrent and lived experiences collectively create the workplace climate, which can support the development of sustainable high performing teams or could be preventing employees and teams from performing at their best. Our team is highly trained in research methods that are effective at gaining insights into the “user” experience across all aspects of your organization and how those experiences are impacting the effectiveness and efficiency needed to obtain organizational objectives. Once an analysis of the experiences and the resulting impact is complete, we work with our clients to co-create solutions. This process can be done holistically from an organizational perspective or can be narrowed in on one team. 

Our consulting services would support leaders, teams and organizations that: 

  • Believe in the development of teams and leaders of teams as a path to organizational success 
  • Open to changing the way they approach human capital, especially around how learning and development takes place within the organization 
  • Comfortable challenging the status quo and making the tactical and strategic decisions needed to for true growth
  • Want a custom-designed experiential learning cycle that approaches your organizations unique challenges

Systems are a set of elements that function as a whole to achieve a common purpose. With a belief that an organization is a network of teams made up of a network of individuals, a systems approach is needed to capitalize on a systems synergy- the whole (organization) being greater than the sum of its parts (teams and individuals). For systems to be viable, they must be able to import energy, create new sources of energy, and export energy across boundaries. If we consider knowing as the human capital form of energy, for teams to be viable they must elicit knowing from their team, create new sources of knowing within their team, and export knowing to other teams. Each organization is made up of a unique set of elements arranged in unique relationships that are often continually changing (new employees, new constraints, etc.), so no general solution to a systems problems would be truly effective. By taking a systems approach, we can co-create solutions that are right for your system.

Common Problems We Help Clients Solve

In order to build inter and intra-team capability, functioning and viability on the path to team excellence, we focus on team performance, team climate and team learning.

People Problems

Team Performance

Performance Errors/Mistakes
Not Attaining Tagets/Goals
Loss of Money, Time, Other Resource
Hiring the Wrong People

Work Climate

Team Climate

Unproductive Conflict
Poor Communication
Employee Turnover
Ineffective Onboarding
Negative Employee Experience

Learning Problems

Team Learning

Lack of Knowledge Sharing
Repeated Mistakes
Ineffective Feedback
Lack of Innovation
Weak Talent Development
Lack of Employee Engagement